Holy Moses. Things are getting worryingly out of hand with these One Direction fans. They're the same as Justin Bieber's fans; far too obsessed with these young lads for their own good. And it's starting to be a real problem for others too, what with the frequency of death threats circulating as and when these fans see or hear something they don't like. What is it this time? Liam Payne's puppy. Hardcore fans of the band are now threatening to murder the furry little fecker. Why? 'Cause it's not just Liam's dog, it's Liam AND his girlfriend Danielle's.

Liam posted the pic of the new pooch on Twitter saying: "Everybody meet mine and @daniellepeazer new dog Loki :)." Then his girlfriend Peazer tweeted something similar on her own profile: "new love of mine and @Real_Liam_Payne's life".

What does this do to the super-fans? It shows how their relationship is progressing... which they do not like. So upsetting is this revelation, the fans want rid of the dog, with a number of followers even attempting to get the hashtag #dieloki trending.

One fan replied saying: "The dog is not going to see tomorrow if i can help it" while another said "U were supposed to come back for me liam." Then there were those who mentioned something about ending the dog's life with a weapon of their choice (gun/knife).

My advice? Never go out with a One Directioner; you will live in fear of being stoned to death by a sea of angry teenage girls. There's no getting away from it. Recently, a journalist from the Guardian penned an open letter to Justin Bieber asking him to speak out about his fans' unhealthy, threatening and dangerous behaviour, and the harm it could cause to others. It was an insightful letter and shed light on a subject that really ought to take centre stage in today's social media driven environment. Should One Direction be addressing the same issue? Absolutely. But so too should the parents of these kids be keeping a very watchful eye over their offspring. What's it going to take for these girls to separate dreams from reality and accept that these are just five ordinary boys who've all been tailored to appear as desirable as possible? Do they really cry at night, wishing and hoping that they'll one day get close enough to a One Directioner so that they might steal a lock of their hair, allowing them to run all manner of experiments in some crazy boyband fan laboratory? It's not even funny; it's worrying. What we only wish these girls would realise is that when they're at home, Liam and the lads are no doubt as scruffy, smelly and lazy as the rest of the world's adolescents. They are not superhumans.

Do you recall being this obsessed with teenage celebrites when you were of that age? I do remember feeling an actual pang in my heart at the realisation that Stephen Gateley would probably never be my boyfriend, but I reckon I gave it two minutes of my time and then moved on to plaster my walls with a variety of Backstreet Boys posters. Though maybe with Twitter my mild obsession would have grown into the monster described above. Which begs the question, is it social media that's the problem here? Or is it the kids?

Let us know your thoughts.