It was all about Party in the Park this weekend in Leeds. But surely they should just call it X Factor in the Park given the number of homogenised talent show acts in attendance, all spat out from the Simon Cowell juggernaut at one point or another.

Of course One Direction were there looking as boyishly handsome as ever. So far there's been no reports of any of them calling their fans a shower of hoors. Or c**ts, for that matter. Although if this girl had pushed her luck any further you never know how Niall might have snapped. Anyhoo, looking at this here photo of the lads, if you zone in on Harry in particular who looks like he's just got a whiff of something dead (literally the worst pic ever taken of him), I can't help but wonder why he's the one to steal so many hearts. What about Liam? Also there were Little Mix who seem to have put everything they could find in their wardrobes on at once while the UK's answer to Justin Bieber - Conor Maynard - was on hand to serenade (make faces at) his predominantly 12-14 year old audience.

Moving away from the X Factor contestants, adding some much needed bad-ass-ness (yes that's a made up word) to the proceedings were Wretch 32 and Labrinth who, God DAMN him, manages to make a Hawaiin shirt and red socks look fashionable.

Other performances came from my new favourite Bajan export - Cover Drive and Alexandra Burke who strangely enough, is pulling off this new blonde hurrr-do.