Do we need to get the map out again, British newspapers?

Let's go to the map. This, as you can see plainly, is a map of Ireland and Great Britain. You can see from the body of water between them that they're two separate and unique entities. You would therefore agree that someone who was born, has lived in, and repeatedly identifies himself as an Irishman is, in fact, an Irishman.

Right? Right.

So why does The Sun think Conor McGregor, who literally walks out to some of his matches draped in a tricolour think that he's one of several "British stars" in the UFC?

Do we need to go to the map again? You've got a lot of things going on, what with you deciding to shoot yourselves in the foot leave the European Union, but this stuff is pretty straightforward.

Conor McGregor isn't British. Ireland is not a part of the British Isles. Ireland is not in Great Britain.

Hey, it could be worse for The Sun, right? They could be making up completely false stories about football fans robbing dead bodies in the aftermath of a disaster. Oh, wait...


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