Testament to the fact that a lot of people have gotten rather unnecessarily mean with the advent of social media - be it YouTube comments, Facebook comments or nasty Tweets, Olympics presenter Helen Skelton has had to shut down her Twitter account.

Digital Spy today reports that the Olympics and Blue Peter presenter felt as though she had no other choice but to pull away from the social media outlet after more than a few hurtful, personal comments were thrown in her direction, relating to her coverage of the games. Skelton wrote: "Turns out I don't have very thick skin after all so I am closing my twitter account. Enjoy the games. Signing off, skelts x"

Sure we all have the right to freedom of speech and that is a wonderful thing, once not abused, but when did it become the norm for people to fire such blatant attacks on fellow social media users? Fair enough if they're attacking something that that person may have said, or expressing a difference of opinion, but more often than not people's complaints appear to be directed at someone's personal character which is both futile and a tad too far. I had a good ole rant about how the internet is making us more angry a while back, so I won't go repeating myself here, but this really is a shame.

It is as yet unclear what initiated Skelton's tweet, but it is largely assumed that she has been sent a negative message from more than a few followers.

This has disappointed quite a lot of Twitterati, including Father Ted writer Graham Linehan who said: "Another one down. This is why we can't have nice things."

It was also reported that a teenager has been given a warning and released on bail after he sent offensive tweets to Olympic diver Tom Daley.  Commenting on Daley's late father, the tweeter said: "You let your dad down i hope you know that. [sic]" What a lovely person they must be. The Independent report that the swimmer has received a series of malicious tweets since he and team-mate Pete Waterfield failed to win a medal in the 10-metre platform synchro three days ago. Despite the abuse, Daley is believed to be staying put on Twitter.

Surely Skelts was just doing her job? And surely swimmer Tom Daley was just performing to the best of his ability? Now it goes without saying that with any sort of fame, comes negativity. People will have their opinions, and rightly so but how can a personal attack like this be justified? Beats me.