It's hardly earth shattering news, but it made me titter so I'm duty bound to pass it on.

You might notice a bit of a tan on young Murs here at London Fashion Week. That's cause he's recently been on a lads holiday in Crete. According to The Sun, this is how he wiled away one evening:

"He went for manager Leigh Thomas who refused to let him into the Saltire Lounge on Crete at 4am - and ended up falling over a table. Leigh, 24, said: 'Olly was effing and blinding and shouting. He was so drunk he probably didn't know what he was doing. I don't know if he was trying to impress the girls who were with him - but he was like a toddler being told he couldn't have a choc-ice. It wasn't exactly cool behaviour.' When Leigh slammed shut the door of the Scottish bar in the lively resort of Malia, Olly, from Essex, ran at it 'like a lumpy and floppy battering ram'. Bar owner Dale Martin, 31, said: 'We've been re-winding the CCTV tape and having a laugh'."

Yep, that's just as funny the second time around. I'm sure his twin brother will also will enjoy reading it, especially now he's cut Olly out of his life (the latter was due to be best man at said twin's wedding, but blanked it in favour of an X Factor related function. He didn't even text a cursory "congratulations". Sound).

So, why was Olly having a meltdown? "It was just handbags. I'm one of the lads and like a drink. But there's only so much of a joke you can take. I think that's my last lads holiday for a while."

And what was the joke? "Olly lost his temper after being ribbed all afternoon over Joe McElderry's victory in the X Factor final last year."

Not to worry Olly, you "losing" to Joe will be irrelevant in a few short weeks.

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