She has already beaten cancer twice in her life, but actress and singer Olivia Newton-John has revealed that the illness has returned for a third time.

The 'Grease' star - who turns 70 in the coming weeks - gave an interview to Australian TV programme 'Sunday Night' in which she said that she has spinal cancer. She previously had breast cancer in the 1990s and a new breast cancer which spread to her shoulder, the latter being treated in 2013.

Newton-John said that she was treating her spinal cancer with natural remedies rather than going down the medical route - most notably cannabis oil, which her husband grows legally on their land in California. "I'm very lucky I live in a (US) state where it's legal," she said. "My dream is that in Australia soon it will be available to all the cancer patients and people going through cancer or any kind of disease that causes pain."

She added: "I’m one of millions in this fight … in this journey. I see it as part of my … mission. I’m still treating it and I’m treating it naturally. And I’m doing really well.”