Listen, we've been lauding Jean Byrne and her role as Weather's wonder woman and an all round style icon (despite it being news to her... bashful) for years now, so her choice of necklace for Sunday night's bulletin came as no surprise to us. Let's not forget this is the woman who once delivered the weather in a silver lame dress.

This particular necklace, which is made up of time pieces, has the snappy title of 'Even a Stopped Clock Tells The Right Time Twice a Day.' Its designer, Joanne Hynes, has just been on Ray D'Arcy requesting her necklace back. Why? Well, she wants to do a retrospective. Her pieces are her "babies" because she pours a lot of, well, time into them.

Hynes, who's had her designs sported by the likes of Katy Perry, is now "at the mercy" of Jean as the necklace - worth a reported 800 Euro - is a one off.

Be nice, Jean. Be nice.