It's been a pretty horrific week for Tulisa Contostavlos, what with the new X Factor panel getting off to a flying star while she spends her days sitting in the police station being questioned about her alleged dabblings with drug dealers.

Last night the star's pal Mike GLC claimed 'urban roots' is 100 per cent innocent. In fact, he says that the journalist who led the sting operation probably made the whole thing up. Did we mention he was her co-accused? Yeah, now that might explain it.

"Anyone can edit or chop things together on video. The truth will come out in the end. I don't want to go into much more detail. I am going home to be with my family. This is ruining my life. I am not a dealer. I have never sold drugs in my life" said the lad who The Sun allegedly taped delivering, in his own words, "top of the line" cocaine to The Dorchester Hotel.

'I've been released on bail. I can't speak for Tulisa and I don't know what her position is. It's two separate things. I can't think why there should not be a reason for her to come back' he said, alleging that whole conversation had been taken out of context.

"We talk in lingo. Like we know what. I can't call him and go, 'Have you got any?' I'll say, 'Hi, have you got any sweets?' ... And I'm referring to what he knows is what. Like we have a whole lingo", the former X Factor judge is apparently heard to say on the recording. We can't believe anyone wouldn't think she was talking about a bit of pick and mix.

And of course X Factor's biggest attention seeker, one Christopher Moloney, weighed in yesterday, by tweeting the star a definition of the word karma not long after her arrest. Don't worry though T, Lucy Spraggan was in there like a shot, jumping to your defense.

So this how the other half live, eh? We'll take a 99 on Howth Pier of a sunny afternoon any day, thanks.