So there are many pros and cons of being a celebrity. First off one can't step out side the house without a swarm of paps hot on one's heels shouting questions and showering you with compliments. Also there is the amount of free stuff and the pampering treatment. Well Celebrity Big Brother is no different, unlike the normal pleb version where people are recorded in the shower and the toilet doing the most embarrassing things, our celebs are treated like royalty. I have been studying this new habitat over the last few days and here is what I have observed. There are no cameras in the toilet and the shower is covered up, now personally I would not like to see Terry Christian sitting on the bog but Ben from A1 in the shower......mmmm. Ulrika - ka - ka Johnson is not  filmed wearing her ugly gum shield at night, so I was subjected to countless taunts about train tracks as a teenager but no one can see her with a shield in her gob, if you ask me she should wear it 24 hrs a day so we don't have to listen to her! The luxury bedroom was allocated on a first come first serve basis, convenient that Latoya Jackson was the first in then eh? In some random news from the house Coolio has asked Big Bro for some laxatives as his bowls are slightly blocked up! Wow!!

-Alicia Coyle