If you've ever set foot in Hooters, you'll know it's about two things - mediocre hot wings and ample-chested women.

There's even a Hooters hotel in Las Vegas that's just as tacky as you'd imagine.

So, what's been missing from the body-objectification / crap food market? A female-orientated Hooters, that's what.

Tallywackers, which is due to open its doors in Dallas next month, will employ very buff and ripped men to act as waiters.

We blame Magic Mike and the sequel, Magic Mike XXL for giving women unrealistic expectations of men in their skivvies.

90% of us are pudgey and pale.

The restaurant is currently recruiting, so if you happen to be in Texas and you're all kinds of shredded, there's a job there for you.

Right, we're off to eat pizza alone because body objectification ISN'T COOL, YOU GUYS.


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