Don't let that blue sky fool you, there's a heavy amount of rain and more terrible weather on the way today. Delightful.

With parts of the country still under significant amounts of flood water, Met Eireann have issued yet another orange warning this morning, with the south and east this time facing an absolute battering of wind and rain thanks to another Atlantic storm depression. These orange warnings are starting to become more regular than your morning jaunt to the jax.

According to the weather boffins:

Another Atlantic storm depression will approach Ireland later Tuesday and Tuesday night. Southeast to east winds of mean speeds 65 to 80km/h., will gust 90 to 115 km/h., at times, along southern and eastern coasts. Large waves, high tides and low pressure values are likely to lead to some coastal flooding. Heavy rain or showers are also expected and with the water table so high, some river flooding is likely too.

Later Tuesday is apparently from around 3pm, so make sure you get all your necessaries onto the ark before then. The other half of the country is getting away with a yellow warning this time, with slightly less intense winds of up to 100km/h. Hope those hatches still have some batten in them.

All of this weather is expected to blow over by tomorrow morning, so consider this the night to spoil yourself and stay in for a good old TV or movie binge. So much for spring having sprung, eh?