Really, shame on you for even thinking that the O'Donovans weren't going to do another meme-friendly, quotable interview in the near future.

After an assured victory at the men’s lightweight double sculls final where Gary and Paul saw them defeat the Italian and Belgian crews with second and third place respectively. Although Norway were the favourites to win, the O'Donovans explained that Norway's fifth place was down to a late substitute after their rower Kristoffer Brun took ill.

"We were out on the town with them last night, but we were saying ‘big day tomorrow, we need to be on form’ so we headed away early, around 2AM," explained Paul. "By 3AM, Kristopher was buckled and they had to make the substitution then. Early this morning he was still hungover."

Whether the guy was actually hungover or not, nobody seems to know. It's hard to tell, it's so deadpan. Take a look and judge for yourself.