If you find yourself snapping up a copy of Oasis' new album, for whatever reason, be sure to keep an ear out for latent Cliff Richard undertones in their track The Turning. They've been sussed out for blatantly ripping off the likes of Lennon in the past and now, according to several of Sir Cliff's fans, they're paying homage to the crooner's 1976 ditty, Devil Woman.

According to The Examiner: "Writing on Richard's official site, one user by the name of Rolybunny, says: 'This is a rip-off. What'll they do next? Remix Mistletoe and Wine?' However, the track has not been panned by all Richard fans. Janine Castle, from the International Cliff Richard Movement (?!), admits the similarities came as a shock, albeit a welcome one. She says: 'I'm astounded Oasis use Cliff as their muse - but delighted. I can hear the similarities. It's about time Cliff's musical genius got some recognition'."

Yeah, but by Oasis? They're hardly musical revolutionaries. The only reason they've managed any degree of longevity is because they're so easily aped themselves. Any geezah can bang innumerable Oasis tracks out in their bedroom; all you need is three chords and a severe sinus infection. Everyone can be a rock 'n roll star!