Caroline Flack is not in shorts. We feel compelled to repeat that Caroline Flack is NOT in formal shorts!

Best dressed is never as much fun as reaming off the Worst Dressed, is it, but we're obliged to give credit where it's due. Well done, Caroline, we knew you could do it. Not that we like the dress much, it's just nice to see you in something almost to the knee and with a bit of cleave for once.

Soap stars not looking in a state include Kierston 'Max Branning's secret wife' Wareing; Jacqueline 'Lauren' Jossa, Michelle 'Tina' Keegan (there's no point telling her to lay off the tan anymore, she's not listening), Paula 'Kylie' Lane, and - would you believe it - Natalie 'Kirsty' Gumede. Although we probably should've gone for some sort of bra.


Those who also deserve a cap doffed in their direction are Nicole Scherzinger (unfortunately our photographer didn't have his flash turned up so you can't see the much talked about nipple pasties she's gesticulating towards), Ashley Roberts, Tess Daly, Holly Willoughby, Christine Bleakley,and  Laura Whitmore.