Steve Martin got freaked after a dalliance with prescription meds went particularly well:

"For a while I played internet poker when it was legal - until I had one of those Ambien experiences. It was late at night and I was playing poker... I took an Ambien to go to sleep and I had $500 in my account, I quit, and I went to bed. I woke up the next morning... and I had $1,500 in my account, and I said, 'Oh, they made a mistake...' So I called the guy in Pakistan, and he said, 'No we have your I.P. (Internet Protocal) address, we have you playing between four and five in the morning...' I never took an Ambien again."

But, but, you made a GRAND in your sleep!?! Some people just don't know a good thing when it slaps them about the chops *tsks*.

If you're wondering why you're reading a story about Steve Martin for the first time in, oooh, about a decade, get used to it - he's starring in The Pink Panther 2 which was just released today (we gave it a whopping 1.5 stars). And yes, he is looking a trifle on the pallid side. Don't get me wrong, I'm well into 'Silver Foxes', but they need to team their etheral locks with darker suits - otherwise they run the risk of having a spectre quality, which makes them look chilly to the touch. Who wants to wrap themselves around a grey icicle? And, yep, it's the dude from Leon... doesn't he look happy.