This story could run and run...

Many of you, like us, were disturbed surprised at the alleged revelation that Lily Allen and Liam Gallagher had joined the Mile High Club on their way to a Japanese festival in 2009 - not least Gallagher's ex-wife Nicole Appleton, who he was still married to at the time.

Appleton tweeted a not-so-thinly-veiled threat to Allen on Twitter, warning her that they would 'cross paths' some day - but now, the plot has taken an unexpected turn courtesy of Take Me Out host Paddy McGuinness's wife Christine.

In recent months there has been speculation that McGuinness and Appleton have been getting quite close, despite the former still being married to the mother of his two children.

According to The Sun, Christine McGuinness took to Instagram yesterday to post an image that read 'It's called Karma and it's pronounced... HA-HA-HA', which was later deleted:

Judging by the rest of her Instagram pics, however, it looks like things have been patched up between her and the comedian and TV host... while Appleton has remained quiet on this particular charge.