Jaysis, Niall, gis a chance will ye, it's fierce hard trying to keep up with you of late.

Since announcing his engagement to Katy Perry via Twitter while in Japan last month (it was a joke, fnar, hilarious) he's been enjoying dates with Victoria's Secret models, Made in Chelsea sorts and just all manner of unattainables going. And he gives out about being famous. Of course, if he was still hanging around the local in Mullingar he'd no doubt get all the ladies.

Anyway, The Daily Mail have a load of pictures of them entering SoHo House for dinner independently. They describe in detail what Perry was wearing (not important, suffices to say she was fully clothed) and what Niall was wearing (hoodie, baseball cap, the usual).

Then they go on to say: "The British star graciously stopped to pose for some pictures with fans after dinner."

Funny. I didn't know Katy Perry was British...

Harry Styles, meanwhile, was happily photographed enjoying a candle lit dinner with Zach Braff at the more relaxed environs of The Mermaid Oyster Bar.