Marty Whelan, not to be confused with Marty Morrissey or Dermot Whelan (something which may prove difficult given the nature of this post) has been reportedly axed by Tesco in favour of Dermot Whelan. This wouldn't be a huge deal had rumours not recently abound that Marty (Whelan) was also due to be replaced by Marty (Morrissey) as host on RTE's Winning Streak (AKA The Amazing Button Pressing Show).

A Tesco spokesperson had this to say of their decision to part ways with the presenter: "We have worked with Marty for a number of years (4 to be exact), but not exclusively, using a number of other voice-over artists for different campaigns. For the current campaign we are using a different voice over artist, Dermot (Whelan), who is proving popular." That would be the slightly menacing ad about how you'll get your Supervalu or Dunnes bags confiscated should you dare turn up in Tescos with them.

Speaking with the Independent on the matter, Marty (Whelan) said: "I’m always working... As far as I am concerned I am presenting Winning Streak in September, and why wouldn't I? The figures are fine, the show goes very well and everyone seems very happy with it."

Well, I if I had to choose to spend my Saturday night with Marty or Marty, I know which Marty I'd rather look at.

(Marty) Whelan currently has his own morning show on LyricFM and also hosts our Eurovision coverage every year. He was last seen trying to keep things calm backstage during The Late Late Show's always profession selection process. You know, when Linda Martin looked like she was going to puck the head off Billy McGuinness.