As preseason for footballers gets underway, it's all about passing medicals and getting fit in time for the start of the new league campaign, which can only mean one thing: leech therapy, of course. 

We just checked our watch to confirm that it was in fact 2014 and not 1842, but that notwithstanding, it seems that leeches are back in fashion in the medical community. Or, at least the medical community who are involved in football, anyway.

We've heard of some bizarre treatments in the football world, from hyperbaric oxygen chambers to horse placenta, but good old fashioned leeches are a new one on us (if you'll forgive the oxymoron), and a pretty novel one for Austrian international Jakob Jantscher, who is currently trying to get over an injury in time for the start of the season with his side FC Luzern in the Swiss Super League. He'll try anything, obviously.


Pic via Jakob Jantscher on Facebook

He uploaded the picture on to his Facebook, giving the thumbs up to the leech treatment. We wouldn't be so enthusiastic, but hey, if it helps...

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