Gordon Darcy's beard is in the lap of the Gods. And, by Gods, I mean the Irish rugby team.

According to BreakingNews.ie, Johnny Sexton has made a bet with Gordon D'Arcy, that if Ireland win the Grand Slam that he'll get to shave Mr.D'Arcy's beard off. God, forbid.

Apparently, D'Arcy was just moments away from having to get rid of the thing only for that heartbreaking late try and conversion, against New Zealand

"It's a horrible looking thing, I'm just so sick of looking at it. So I said to Darce before the New Zealand game if we win we have to get rid of the beard and he said ‘yeah’.

"So that was one of the biggest disappointments of not winning that day, as we couldn't take that horrible thing off."

The prospect now is for Ireland to win the rest of their games so that Sexton can fulfill his fantasy:

"Now we have a Grand Slam to play for and for the people of Ireland we want to win it, not just to give them something to celebrate but to get rid of Gordan D'Arcy's beard. Fingers crossed now we go all the way, maybe I should have just said if we beat England in Twickenham but we will go with that"

The way Ireland are playing at the moment doesn't bode well for one the greatest beards of our generation. If i'm being honest, this has put me in a precarious position; winning the Grand Slam would be amazing, but is it really worth it for what we'd lose as a consequence?

Damn you, Johnny Sexton. Damn you, and your beardless little face.

He's only jealous of you, Gordon. Throw the games be'f****d.

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