Given how much Donald Trump hates the press, it didn't come as any surprise that he was the first US President in a very, very long time not to attend the annual White House Correspodents' Dinner, and will do the same again this year.

The event, which takes place at the end of the month on April 28th, is usually fronted by a comedian - this year, it's Michelle Wolf - and usually involves the sitting US President being the butt of many a joke throughout the evening. However, considering Donald Trump's a joke all the time - not just on the evening of the White House Correspodents' Dinner - it makes sense that he's not going.

Instead, Sarah Huckabee Sanders - Trump's Press Secretary and the most recognisable face in the administration after Trump - will reportedly take his place at the head table, and the WHCA - that's White House Correspondents' Association - have said that the White House is encouraging its senior members to attend the event, even if Trump won't be there.

Trump was the first US President not to attend the event since Ronald Reagan skipped it in 1981 when he was recovering from an assassination attempt - but still managed to phone in to the event from his hospital bed.


Via Variety