As if January weren't depressing enough as it is, there's a truckload of awful weather heading our way for the foreseeable. We really just can't catch a break.

Met Éireann have released not one but two weather warnings for the country (it's beginning to feel like that's all they do these days), with the south and west getting an Orange one while the east and north have been given a Yellow alert. What does that mean? We're all in for a good lashing.

Another Atlantic storm is heading our way, with Connacht and the west coast warned of winds up to 130km/h as well as localised flooding, while most of Leinster and some southern counties can expect high winds and coastal flooding. You may be looking out your window now and scoffing as it's so calm, but that's all set to change from this evening. Severe gusts and low temperatures are expected to hang around until Saturday morning before coming back with a vengeance on Sunday just to kick the first full working week of 2014 off to a crappy start.

Come back 2013, we miss you. All is forgiven.