One would expect the BAFTA Britannia Awards to be a classy affair, despite them being held in L.A. In fact, one might even expect it to be overly stuffy, such would the level of expectation be from the Americans - Helen Mirren was there; it's the closest some of them will ever get to royalty.

One would expect film stars such as Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor, Robin Williams about to break out into a plie, Anton Yelchin, Morgan Freeman and so on to turn up in black tie attire. That would be the proper thing to do. British stars followed suit, such as Felicity Jones and Asha Leo, even Alan Cumming who tends to turn up to these events in a pair of capri pants ensured he was suited and booted. Helen Bonham Carter hiked up her skirt on one side, but sure that's half her charm.

Sure, there were a few who pushed the boundaries of skirt length, such as Amelia Jackson-Gray in a discount Lipsy creation and Teri Polo in a bath towel... and then there was Lucy Davis. You remember Lucy Davis, she played Dawn in The Office (i.e. the English version of Pam). She's Jasper Carrott's daughter? There you go. So WENN chose to deliver a load of headshots of her, to which I thought - "wow, lots of headshots, the top of the dress looks chintzy, but she's got her hair up, that's fancy". And then I stumbled across the full lengther.

Yes, it's a micro mini highlighting her erogenous zones, avec bet on boots. How classy. And here's the moment she realised just how classy it was. And the moment Helena Bonham Carter realised that - for the first time - she wasn't the one sticking out like a sore digit.