Manchester United have had a bad run that might have seen them lose a few of the more fickle fans among their ranks, but not North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, he's in it for better or worse. 

It's a new season and with a new manager, a load of new players, and hopes are still high for Manchester Untied even though they have had a poor start. Still, excitement among the real fans, the ones who'll stick through thick and thin, is not going to dampen just yet, despite the disappointing results. Real fans like North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, of course.

The benevolent leader has decided that Korean Central Television, the state-owned broadcasting network, will show all of the Manchester United matches this season for everyone to see, apparently because he loves the team. 

However, he's not about to fork over a wedge of cash to the West in order to get the rights, rather the plan is that they will be streamed illegally online and broadcast into homes around the country, along with live Bundesliga matches. 

Insert your own Manchester United matches/cruel and unusual punishment jokes here. 

Via WhoAteAllThePies