Who knew that Kim Jog-Un didn't have a sense of humour?

Very rarely can Seth Rogen and James Franco ever claim to be involved in a highly charged political situation, but with their latest film, The Interview, making waves before it has even been released, they find themselves the focus of an international incident.

Well, not quite, but North Korea are not pleased with them (when are they pleased, really?) as the premise of their new flick sees the pair travelling to North Korea to take out beloved leader and the man with the the best (and only) hairstyle in the country, Kin Jong-Un.

A spokesman for the North Korean Foreign Ministry said that unless the US government blocks the release of the movie, they can expect "stern" and "merciless" retaliation, and according to CBC News, he branded it "an act of war which we will never tolerate".

The movie features Franco and Rogen as the host and producer of a talk-show who manage to get an interview with the North Korean leader, and the CIA step in to ask them to assassinate him. Although the language used in the statement is fairly strong, it doesn't seem that Rogen is too worried about it, tweeting that he hopes that Kin Jong-Un enjoys the movie:



The movie is not due for release until October in the US, so there's still a bit of time left for both parties to decide whether or not the movie is worth a war. They do say that any publicity is good publicity, afterall.

Via Huffington Post