In an interview with GQ Magazine, Paul Mescal revealed that he and his 'Normal People' co-star Daisy Edgar-Jones found a great way to spice up watching the show.

As we're well aware by now, it was 'Normal People' that shot the Irish actor to fame.

Turns out that when he and Edgar-Jones watched the romantic drama together recently, they invented a drinking game to go alongside it.

The game only has two rules. But those two alone would probably get you feeling woozy in no time.

"We hadn’t actually watched it together, Daisy and I," Paul Mescal explained. "Because of lockdown, we hadn’t done that, so last week we got together and watched the whole thing through.

"We actually ended up playing a little drinking game: every time Connell wouldn’t complete a sentence or any time Marianne would make an emphatic statement that made Connell uncomfortable we did a shot.

"We ended up talking over most of it, just reflecting on particular days, costume changes, memories.

"It was very special to get to do that with her. The thing we shared – will always share – is so unique."

So when you're re-watching the series this Christmas, and feel like making it more jolly, that's one way to go about it.