A manager who was serving a stadium ban managed to come up with a novel way to watch his side play this past weekend.

Poole Town boss Tom Killick is in the middle of seeing out a six game ban, during which he can't head to the stadium to watch his side in action. That meant he was going to be absent for his team's game against Cambridge United on the weekend, but that wasn't going to stop him.

Given that it was a home game, he knew he could depend on groundsman Chris Kelly who lives close to the stadium to be able to sort him out with somewhere to watch the match. As it turns out, that places was from Kelly's skylight in the attic, which gave Killick a decent view.

Speaking to BBC Radio after the game, Killick said his new seat was a great vantage point and "in some ways it's a better view because I'm looking at things from above. Sometimes it's better to see the match from that perspective, but the big thing is the lack of communication with the players. That is what I'm finding difficult".

He may not be taking it up as a full time viewing position, but maybe he could do like Nigel Pearson or Sam Allardyce used to and watch the first half from a higher position to get a feeling for the game, before spending the second half on the touchline to make adjustments. It remains to be seen what scheme he has up his sleeve for the away games, though.

Via BBC Sport