Ah, it's been far too long since we've enjoyed some nuggets from Noel. Get yerselves comfortable, here's what he had to say during an interview with BBC Radio 6.

By way of a recap, Noel and Liam haven't spoken properly since the break-up of their band, that being Oasis, in 2009 - caused by a huge argument between them - and Noel says when they have run into each other, the Beady Eye frontman insults him.

Noel said: "I'm 45, he's 40. He's doing his thing, I'm doing my thing. But we texted each other at Christmas. I've seen him at a party after the Olympics, he did the usual and hurled an insult at me and walked off, which is kind of par for the course. He's like a like a squeaky toy that swears a lot. In a blazer."

Noel also recounted a story about when they were still on speaking terms, he gave Liam a tip as to how he could keep his champagne fresh by leaving a metal utensil in it - though his younger brother seemed to misunderstand the advice: "We were round at his house one night. He says, 'Why have you got a fork in that bottle of champagne?' I replied, 'Cos it keeps the bubbles, keeps it fresh' A few weeks later we were round his house and opened the fridge door and there was a spoon in a bottle of milk."

Don't be a stranger, Noel.