As if Dannii Minogue wasn't getting enough jip about being useless (from Boyzone of all people), Noel Gallagher has swaggered into the fray armed with his two cents. And, yes, he was possibly wielding / pointing surreptitiously to a copy of his latest album at the time of quotation:

"If somebody is dangling fame in front of a check-out girl from Barnsley, they're going to go for it because they live in a s**thole (cue people from Barnsley using copies of Dig Out Your Own Soul as missiles). You're in with a No 1 and you've got Dannii Minogue telling you you're really talented - and if there's one person who wouldn't know talent if it kicked them, it's Dannii Minogue. Instead of instant fame the prize ought to be, it's 'I'll introduce you to someone who might, if you're lucky, know a producer who'd record one of your songs'."

Ah, but sure isn't it all about who you know, Noel. Would your younger sibling, Liam, have landed a job as a frontman with any other band?

Do people find the presence of someone totally devoid of talent inspirational? Does it motivate unknown gifted souls to better themselves? Or does it simply make people flee the vicinity of their TV, wailing in frustration.