Noel Gallagher sung to Kate Moss at her 40th birthday party. He didn't just pop out of nowhere with a guitar strapped to him, she asked him to be there. Liam must be gutted. Don't worry, Liam, once the restaurant is set up, you can be making butties out the back while Noel croons to the guests.

The former Oasis star was cheered on by a number of guests as he broke into the catchy acoustic of 'Happy Birthday' at 6am yesterday morning in celebration of the supermodel's milestone age. Kate - who kicked off her celebrations with a posh lunch on Thursday - reportedly spent £30,000 on entertainment for the big bash at her Cotswolds home on Saturday night.

Florence and the Machine, Mark Ronson, Soul II Soul and Massive Attack performed in yurts in the garden, while there were also tarot card readings, fire jugglers and face-painters on hand throughout the Glastonbury-themed party.

The blonde reportedly paid out a hefty £80,000 on spirits and an endless supply of champagne to keep her guests entertainment.

Uma Thurman, Naomi Campbell and Stella McCartney were just a few of her famous friends in attendance, but all mobile phones were to be handed in at the door to stop any drunken photos being uploaded to Twitter or Instagram.

A (possibly madourvit) source told The Sun: "Everyone knew it was going to be a wicked party, which it was. It was truly epic and isn't even over yet... " Clearly.

Meanwhile, Kate hired the dining room at a local pub last night for her and the remaining guests who were still standing after a boozy four days of partying.