We guess the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree.

They may be cousins but apparently Liam's son Gene Gallagher has no time for Noel's daughter Anais and went on a Twitter tirade about her, saying that she looks like her dad with "a blonde wig on" and that she's only a model because she looks like Noel.

The younger Gallagher also claimed that no one cares about who she is before deleting his tweets, which were of course screenshotted before they disappeared.

Image via NME

Gallagher then followed up those deleted tweets with some that he probably thought were more subtle, tearing into Anais for her appearance at Tommy Hilfiger London Fashion Week show before sharing a picture of his older brother Lennon who walked for Burberry earlier in the week, saying:

Anais has yet to publicly respond so for now we're going to assume she's taking the high road but if she's anything like the rest of her family, she won't stay quiet for long.