Michael Jackson's infamous Neverland Ranch has been up for sale since it was foreclosed upon in 2008.

The 2,700-acre Californian estate consists of 22 buildings, a 50-seat movie theatre, a swimming pool, a basketball court, a tennis court and a magic stage. Yes, a magic stage. Jackson paid $19.5 million for the place back in 1987 and spent millions turning it into his Peter Pan-themed amusement park.

The property was snapped up a group known as Colony Capital who paid $23 million when it foreclosed. The property's been listed several times over the past few years. Just last year, the property was put up for sale for $100 million, but had no buyers whatsoever.

More recently, the property went up on China's version of eBay, Taobao, but didn't go anywhere there either. The property was listed on Taobao as the site is known for having some exotic properties, including an island in Fiji and chateaus in France. China now has the second-highest amount of millionaires in the world and its nouveau riche are known for their conspicuous spending.


Via ChinaDaily