During all the stories of Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen's messy divorce etc, I always thought, "Well, at least the kids are with Denise, she's the normal one." How duped was I. First, she fought Sheen so that their two daughters could appear in her new reality show, and now she's defending her decision by saying the following: "I am a single mom and I am very hands-on with my kids so I can't do a show without the kids at all (so don't do the show). I asked them if they wanted to be on TV and Sam said, 'Yes!' (of course she'd say yes, she's three. Presumably Lola Rose couldn't reply as she's only two). My girls have been around it so much (all the more reason to let them have a childhood). They love the make-up. They love the hair. They love all of that (despite being three and under). I understand why people are judgmental right away saying, 'How could she have her kids on the show?' But as long as they're protected, I feel that they'll be OK." Just like Kelly and Jack Osbourne were protected? Like Daniel Wayne Smith was protected? Like every child star under mass scrutiny is protected? How can toddlers, who are followed by paparazzi / become potential kidnap targets / have their most personal details made known to the public for the purpose of entertainment, ever be protected? Funnily enough, Denise sees this as an opportunity to portray herself in a favourable light: "There has definitely been a lot of negative things written about me and going through my divorce. You know, I don't want to do a bunch of interviews and start mud-slinging with my ex. He's still their dad. I would like an opportunity for people to see who I am." Someone who, by their own admission, is willing to forgo their toddler's future physical and mental safety for the sake of a reality TV show. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to replace the face on my punch bag.