You couldn't make it up.

The musical / opera concerning Roy Keane's infamous exit from Saipan following his clash with manager Mick McCarthy has been a smash-hit for both the Olympia and the writers concerned.

Last night, however, saw the man himself turn up for a performance of the hit musical. Yes, Roy Keane, Martin O'Neill and the Irish squad sat down for an encore performance of I, Keano at last night's Olympia.

Truly, the world has gone crazy. That's Keane with I Keano's writer, Michael Nugent, by the way.

It's understood that Keane made a (cough) quiet exit from the Olympia following its finish. You've got to wonder what he was thinking during some of the scenes.

Sure, it's a rip-the-piss and anyone who's seen it will tell you a very funny musical, but he actually LIVED it.

Maybe this is his way of telling everyone he's over it? Who knows. Also, we much prefer the beard on you, Roy.


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