In Hallaywooohd, it pays to go to prison. It means you'll be photographed lots when you're released and that means a wide circulation for products. That's why Lindsay is being inundated with crap, according to FOX 411:

"Over the next couple of weeks, she can be paid for carrying something in a photo. Each company is offering between $2,000 and $10,000 for a photo of her with their products. Other companies are sending her masses of things for free hoping she'll wear them."

You see, to some brands, it doesn't matter that she was imprisoned for being feckless behind a wheel of a car and flouting her probation terms, or that she's been battling addictions to an array of substances, they just want their lump of crap photographed and posted on a load of websites.

Certain bigwigs don't just want to occupy her hands while she's walking from a hotel to her car (she's currently driving a "rented" Maserati...), they want to own her voice. She's only been offered "a $1 million contract with New York radio station Party 105 to co-host a show with her mother." Yep, Party 105 want a four-time rehabilitated girl and her erratic, fame hungry facilitatory ma/nager to babble on the radio, presumably about partying. Whoooop.

And then there's the interviews: "They already have contracts for tell-alls this week [that] were brokered while Lindsay was behind bars. New deals are coming in from various production offices on TV specials surrounding her post-rehab life." Dina has indeed been busy.

Finally, just when you thought it couldn't get more inappropriate: "Lindsay just got out of rehab and prison, and certain casino owners are offering a ton of money for her to host a party and be around alcohol when she has specifically been told not to."

Indeed, if she's so much as seen staring sideways at an alcoholic beverage or an (illegal) drug, Judge Elden Fox could send her back to jail for another 30 days (so, about 3 days). Imagine how much money she'd make after that stint?! Quick, to Dina Lohan's oversized handbag!