Although it sounds like exactly the kind of thing you'd expect in this day and age, it turns out that reports of Maltesers' demise are greatly exaggerated.

A story circulated yesterday that the humble Malteser was getting a complete overhaul in order to bolster flagging sales, effectively changing the general ball shape into a sort of flat oval thing? The story was picked up by the usual suspects, such as the Sun, Daily Mail and so on - but, as you'd expect, it's all nonsense.

A spokesperson for Mars dismissed the story, saying that they are "not planning to change the shape of the much-loved original Maltesers, however we are continually looking at ways to extend the brand, creating new ways for our customers to enjoy Maltesers."

How do you enjoy Maltesers any other way other than by eating them? Sure, you can do the blowy thing to keep it up, but that's kind of it. Maybe do a speed-eating thing for Maltesers, how many you can fit in your mouth?

Our record is 11, by the way.