Prepare to ogle lots of hairy, slightly above average looking males *rubs mitts together*. If you came here to see some fashion, that's not going to happen in this article, unless you happen to stumble across Alexa Chung or Jo Whiley. Bip Ling, Jade Williams, PJ Harvey, Juliette Lewis, Josephine De La Baume, Jamie Winstone, Laura Whitmore, Pixie Geldof (although this is the best she's looked in quite some time), Natalie Imbruglia (are they shorts?) and Marina bleedin' Diamandis were also in attendance, but their clothing contributions don't count as enviable threads in my narrow eyes.

Nicky Graham was there, avec crutch, for some reason (a wild stab; I'd say a hurty ankle) - and she wasn't the only one being propped up: Kate Moss was so hammered she spent a prolonged period plopped on the lap of the Clash's Mick Jones, slurring into his ear while clad in a PVC cat suit (unfortunately WENN let us down in that regard; you'll have to go to the Sun Online to see those snaps). Even Jarvis Cocker came armed with his own prop - his own cane and steely gaze combo. Although the latter was probably a reaction to a diatribe from The Script's Danny O'Donoghue regarding Pulp's reformation, which went something like this:

"I am not a big Pulp fan. Jarvis Cocky. I'm not into him at all. I don't like his style. I don't like his music. I won't be steering clear of him, but he should be steering clear of me (??). I have watched his career. I'd like to think Pulp are coming out with a new album or that he wants to really do a job in the music industry, but I am sure they will release a single, do a tour, make their money and go home. The audacity of Jarvis Cocker to think he is important enough for people to give a damn what he thinks."


Also at the awards: Noel Fielding; Jo Wood; Dave Berrysans Heidi Range, funnily enough; Dave Grohl; John Lydon; Carl Barat; Kenny Goss after a few toots; Matt Belamy; Alex Turner; Mark Ronson; Patrick Wolf; Professor Green (with what looks like Samuel Preston after a load of gak); and Jodie Harsh.

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