Talk about nominative determinism in action...

After years of toiling away working against Mario, it seems that Bowser has finally gotten the promotion that he's deserved and is now the vice-president of sales for Nintendo, breathing new life and presumably a bit of fire into the company. 

Or at least that's what we thought when we first heard the news that Doug Bowser (he looks like a Doug, right?) had been brought in by the company as their vice-president of sales, but it turns out that it's not the guy with the spiky shell who lives in a castle filled with lava, but rather a real human man. Here's what he looks like.  

Honestly, we don't see the family resemblance. Anyway, Bowser is not new to the world of video games either, as he used to be an exec at EA for a long time, also he kidnapped the princess several wait sorry, that's the wrong one again. This is going to get very confusing. 

Via BusinessWire