Nigella Lawson has allegedly packed up all her stuff and shipped it out of the family home she shared with Charles Saatchi, according to The Sun. Removal men visited the home of  TV chef yesterday, with plenty of belongings being popped into a van and shipped away from the home that Nigella herself left last week.

Lawson has been renting a house in Mayfair since photographs of Saatchi with his hands around Lawson's throat during an argument were published earlier this month. Saatchi initially played down the argument and photos as a 'playful tiff', before accepting a police caution for assault.

Lawson has also been seen without her wedding ring since the news became public and she left the home, sparking rumours she is set to divorce Saatchi and move to America where he show The Taste is taking off. However if she divorces Saatchi, there are reports saying that he could be entitled to a hefty chunk of her fortune that's estimated to stand at around £20 million because it was earned during their ten year marriage.