Looks like Nigella reached Stage 3 (that being 'anger') pretty quickly. And who could blame her.

According to always satirical Daily Mash, the TV chef is quoted as saying the following when she was stopped boarding that flight to LA on Sunday:

"Keith Richards would have regarded the amount of cocaine I took as invisible. It would not have registered on his consciousness. He’s probably still got that much stuck up there and he just can’t be bothered to have it removed. And yet he has a house in America. I implore you, look at him and look at me and then explain to me what the f*ck you are talking about."

She also asked officials if they were "out of their f*cking minds?!"

Good question.

'Nigella' could also add a certain Mr. Bowie to the list, among a litany of others.

>Nigella Lawson 'barred' from US. Wasn't allowed board flight...