Well, as Catherine Tate's character would say, 'how very daaaare they'. Nicole Scherzinger and the X Factor bosses caused quite the bit of controversey yesterday when other filthy rich holidaymakers were disturbed and 'banned' from their luxury hotel so that Nicole could be filmed making an elaborate entrance for the Judges' Houses part of the talent show. As per The Sun, Miss Scherzinger posed at the bow of a very fancy high-speed yacht as it made its way into the Dubai harbour where it would dock at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, causing blood to boil in the already sweltering desert. Apparently it took 90 minutes to film the sequence - further testament to the falsity of this show - leaving other mega-rich dignitaries between a rock and a hard place, unable to dock their own yachts and unable to do anything about it.

I don't quite feel sorry for anybody in this situation; it's hardly torture being forced to wile away an hour on a luxury yacht.

An insider revealed: "Several of the hotel's residents were kept waiting for more than an hour while they were trying to get back to their five-star suites after an afternoon jaunt... They weren't happy - these fantastically rich people are not used to being told they can’t do what they want... But filming such an ambitious entrance takes a long time and the hotel were more than happy for The X Factor to take over the jetty and the harbour until they had everything they needed."

Apparently, "it was a hell of an entrance - it'll be TV gold when it's eventually shown." Yes, like nothing we've ever seen before.