Nicole Appleton has been riding the All Saints wave for over a decade now. Most recently, herself and fellow Saint, Mel Blatt, got sloshed on Big Brother Celebrity Hijack in January. Then they ate their way through Gordon Ramsay's F Word. How are they still getting gigs? Most probably because Nicole's married to Liam - who very kindly hired a private helicopter for his wife to fly to this weekend's Isle of Wight Festival so she wouldn't have to endure the ferry. A source said: "Nic was so excited. He made sure she was chauffeured to the venue in style, with champagne and strawberries". Pity he didn't accompany her to the VIP room; she had a bit of hassle getting in. According to The Mirror: "Bouncers turned her away from the VIP area - after letting in ex-bandmate Mel Blatt. An amused spy told us: 'If she was with her husband Liam Gallagher she would have got in no problems. But she had to get two people inside to vouch for her before he let her in'."

For those of you who checked out our Isle of Wight photos; I'd like to apologise on behalf of John Lydon. Iggy Pop he ain't.