One great thing about Nicolas Cage returning to mainstream movies is that there is a lot more Nicolas Cage content on the internet.

It's clear to see that can only be a good thing when you read his most recent interview with the LA Times where he reminisces about his career and his upcoming movies.

He reveals some information about his home life, specifically his pets. Cage says he owns two cats, Merlin, a 4 year-old Maine Coon who he calls his "best friend" and Teegra who apparently doesn't mind that he's runner up to Merlin in Cage's eyes. "He doesn't give a shit," says the 'Pig' star.

As well as his cats, Cage also owns a pet crow named Hoogan, who lives in the actor's Las Vegas home inside a geodesic dome. According to Cage, "He has taken to calling me names…it's comical, at least, it is to me. When I leave the room, he’ll say, 'Bye,' and then go, 'Ass.' Crows are very intelligent. And I like their appearance, the Edgar Allan Poe aspect. I like the goth element. I am a goth."

Speaking of goth, Cage will star as Dracula in the upcoming film 'Renfield', which also features Nicholas Hoult in the titular role. Chatting about the role it seems like he's got plans for his character already.

"The key, I think, is movement," Cage says, "I saw a movie called 'Malignant' and the director James Wan and the actress [Annabelle Wallis] created this choreography that was terrifying. So I’m hoping to do something like that where Dracula can either glide or move like Sadako in 'Ringu'".

Cage also talks about his upcoming role as himself in his new film 'The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent'. He claims he had slight reservations about accepting the role.

"I was very trepidatious to do it because I’m playing two heightened versions of myself," he says. "But then I realized, everything that's happened to me led up to this movie, whether I was hot or cold, up or down … there’s an arc to the story. Not that I’m comparing myself to Muhammad Ali, but I like it that he lost to Joe Frazier and then went back, fought him again and won. That gives it a pathos and a dramatic arc."