Nicki Minaj took to Twitter this weekend to offer poignant advice to women trapped in abusive relationships.

For the thread, the rapper drew from her own life experiences.

She advised those witnessing women in toxic relationships to not "laugh & say mean things." Instead they should "try to offer sound advice from your heart & root for her to learn her worth."

In her next tweet, she listed signs of an abusive partner, warning that "A man who loves you does not" do such things.

She mourned that Instagram was warping people's perceptions with "relationship goal pics."

She also tweeted:

"I remember being so afraid to speak cuz I never knew when that person would be in a particular mood and I could maybe say one wrong thing that would get me hit. So the diff you see in me now is that feeling when a woman feels lifted up, safe, appreciated & unconditionally loved."

At the end of the thread, she says she learned to love herself, concluding: "This isn’t about judging. We judge too much. Lift them up."

The Women’s Aid helpline is open 24/7 1800 341 900