A message that pop star Nicki Minaj sent out to the Twitterverse back in 2012 has landed her in a bit of hot water. Fortunately, her 20m+ followers have her back.

The five year old tweet describes how she got a bit aggressive at a sleepover that she went to when she was around 11 years old. At it, she started “beating the s**t” out of a girl:


None other than Dameka herself has since responded and she thinks there was nothing “Lmao” about the event at all. Dameka alleges that Minaj actually stabbed her in the leg with a fork bad enough that it left scars:



It would seem though that people either didn’t believe her story, siding with Nicki, or simply didn’t sympathise with her, because this was what followed:


We all know how it goes next. Tweeters responded thusly:








Minaj hasn’t responded to the allegations yet.