Wow. Not sure how this will go down with Radio Wan listeners. Given some of the comments under the below Very Important People clip on YouTube, not too well. Some of the more choice ones include "The new Radio 1Breakfast Show host taking over from Chris Moyles?? Goodbye R1 from me then..!" and "A bit over the top with the impersonation but he probably is like that. Anyone taking the piss out of Nick Grimshaw is ok by me, he's such a douche."  

As previously mentioned this morning, I would've preferred Morgana Robinson's Fearne Cotton as a presenter, but the likelihood of the Beeb ever letting another woman in the Breakfast slot after Sarah Cox is slim. 

For those of you unfamiliar with Nick Grimshaw, he reads an autocue on T4 and wants to be Henry Holland and hangs around with people who want to be Agyness Deyn (Pixie Geldof). And I really wanted to go with Very Important People's 'Nick Grimshaw - Bloody Idiot' sketch instead of the below but I'm unable to find it ANYWHERE on the interbox.