This may have been mentioned innumerable times in the last three days, but I'm on A LOT of meds at the moment - hence the stomach nearly dropping out the hoop when you wander on to Twitter and all you see is this... actually thought myself and a friend (who also happens to have tonsillitis) had died for a number of seconds.

As it turns out, those clever folk over at SpinSouthWest decided the best way to give away some One Direction tickets was to get #1DEdandSheena trending. Had you ever heard of Ed and Sheena from Spin South West's Zoo Crew? Well you have now!

As for what Niall Horan was horsing into back stage, well, he reportedly requested Clonakilty sausages (specific... he's obviously not had the joy of Superquinn saussies as yet), Barry's Tea and Haribo Jellies. Naaw. You can take the Paddy out of Ireland, but ya can't take Paddy ourrah the lad, wha?!