See? He DOES like normal girls! She was faaaaar too pretty, that's where it obviously all went wrong... she didn't find what appears to be the male carbon copy of herself, or anything... (keep scrolling)

Horan, who's been dating the Hungarian model Barbara Palvin since December last year, is single again after (cue reliable splitsville chestnut) the pair found it difficult to make their relationship work due to their hectic schedules.

A source told The Sun: "There was no big fall out, things just fizzled out as Niall and Barbara are both working in different parts of the world. They are both really busy and Niall is focused on recovering and getting ready for the band's massive Where We Are tour (plug, plug, plug)."

The Parisian-based brunette subtly confirmed her split with Niall by posting a smoochy photo of herself and a new secret guy on her Instagram, clutching a bunch of flowers. And - as if that weren't enough salt in the wound, or eggs in the pudding - It was accompanied by the caption, "Early Valentine."

Via realbarbarapalvin Instagram

Barbara and Niall have been spotted together on a number of occasions since they started dating, including backstage at The X Factor and at a JLS farewell gig at London's O2.

One Direction are on a three-month break after touring the world and Niall is having intense physiotherapy ahead of rehearsals before the group start touring again.

Meanwhile, Barbara is also finding the time to try her hand at "acting." She's recently secured a role in Hercules: The Thracian Wars, which hits screens later this year.