That's him being restrained from a quivering Liam, there. 

The One Direction star admitted out of all of his bandmates, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik, he would chow down on the 21-year-old hunk's muscly chest for his main course and consume his toes for dessert. Not that he's a foot fetishist, or anything. 

He said: "It's like 'The Hunger Games'. I'd have to go with Liam cos he's the meatier one - there's more muscle to him. Toes for dessert. But I'm not really into that sort of thing." 

But Liam's toned torso is not the only thing Niall enjoys eating as he also admitted he felt like the "worst celebrity ever" when he and Liam were sitting at the VMAs munching foot-long hot dogs surrounded by spotless stars.

He added: "When we were at the VMAs, all the artists were sitting around us, Rihanna was behind us, and we were just sitting there with a foot-long hot dog. And I just turned to Liam and said, 'We are the worst celebrities ever'."

The boy band met Duchess Catherine (formerly/forever known as Kate Middleton) last November and Niall admitted that his love of food came in handy when he had to practice how to address the pregnant royal.

He added: "We were told what to say, so you have to call her Ma'am, and say, 'Good evening, Ma'am.' But you have to say it like 'ham' not 'marm'."

Thanks for the pointer. Also, thanks for implanting the visual of Liam Payne's disembodied, and presumably hairy, toes in my brain for the remainder of the day.