Niall Horan might be a bit worried about the future of One Direction after Zayn's departure, so it appears he's looking at other career paths, just in case. 

The Irishman will be at the Masters this year, as he will be playing the part of Rory's caddy for the Par-3 tournament that takes place on Wednesday at Augusta. 

Speaking about the decision to hire such a high-profile caddy, Rory said "I caught up with him in Australia at the end of last year and he was really excited, and I said, 'If you're available Wednesday afternoon and you want to carry the bag for nine holes, you're more than welcome.'"

Tiger Woods will also be at the tournament, where his kids will be acting as caddies for him, so there's a possibility that Niall will be getting asked for more autographs than Rory. 

If you fancy watching the Masters, Setanta Ireland will be showing the whole thing, including today's Par-3 tournament, all the way through to Sunday's final round. 

Via SB Nation